Divisions - Mortgage Operations
This will be a primary initial business provided by DIVO through a subsidiary of DIVO. It will provide Shariah-compliant financing transactions in North America. It will provide the broadest product set of Islamic financing transactions for residential and commercial real estate financing in the United States, including line of credit equivalents and selected construction financing.

DIVO may invest in or provide funds for companies providing Shariah-compliant residential and commercial real estate financing in Canada, the GCC countries, or elsewhere. DIVO management has had discussions providers of Canadian Islamic financing transactions and anticipates a supply of suitable financing projects in which DIVO will invest shortly after DIVO is funded and launched. Other non-U.S. opportunities will be examined as they present themselves. These non-U.S. transactions will also add geographic and currency diversification to DIVO's assets.

The focus of this operation will be on stability and cash-flow generation rather than capital appreciation. It may retain assets, assuming suitable leverage is available, or it may pool assets, securitize them, and sell them off as Islamic bonds (sukuk) similar to how a mortgage REIT would operate.